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Ravi Viswa's voice transcends passing trends, and he is rightly considered a powerhouse virtuoso in his own right. His accolades read like a repertoire of stellar achievements, with prestigious recognitions starting with the "Sony Entertainment/Multimedia "Super Voice of India" contest headlining his discography.


Walking away as the runner-up in the highly anticipated, keenly contested "Sony Entertainment/Multimedia "Super Voice of India" in Oct 2020, Ravi's voice rose high and clear above 50K worldwide contestants. 

And that in itself is by no means a small feat!

Ravi inherited music from his mother, Smt Bharathi Viswathmula, a talented musician. His father, Viswathmula Durga Prasad is his role model who encouraged and guided him through his career to stay focused and to pursue his dreams with passion.



Ravi is married to Neeraja has 2 daughters, Shreeya & Sumedha. His family members are equally passionate and talented in various art forms including music and dance.


Ravi has immense support from his family & friends, which he considers as a blessing.

Chennai-born and a native Telugu speaker, Ravi is a multilingual and illustrious musician whose heartrending voice is full of incredible possibilities and artistry. Packed with raw vocal power, Ravi delivers songs full of passion, soul and as such, when he takes to the mic, people are moved. 


His fans and followers love his magical voice, and he is often fondly referred to as 'The King of Melody.' He primarily holds a leadership position and a global responsibility with one of the world's largest technology companies and is currently based in Singapore. However, he believes it's never too late to pursue one's passion- and looking at how deftly he's expanding his singing repertoire- he is a living inspiration to everyone.


The Singer in the Corporate world

As the runner-up of Sony Multimedia's 'Super Voice Of India 2020', 

Ravi embarked on a musical odyssey after years of pursuing business life. Ravi, a natural music aficionado, has won numerous honors and competed in contests both in India and throughout the world.


"Music has been a passion of mine since childhood, and it has always been a key element in helping me balance my personal and professional life. Unfortunately, I could not focus on music for a brief period in my life because of my professional commitments. Still, I am glad that I have finally rekindled my love for music. Despite my busy work schedule, currently working for IBM in Singapore, I find time to practice and conduct gigs. I am fortunate to have amazing support from my family, friends, and colleagues. All the love and feedback received after my performances and videos drive me to do better and continue achieving my goals," says Ravi. 


Further sharing his love for music, Ravi says, "An experience that motivated me the most was performing before Sri SP Balasubramaniam, sir. His appreciation and advice after my performance will forever be a highlight in my life. Even though I do ponder about missed opportunities, I am glad to be doing what I love. Traveling worldwide, thanks to my job, I have realized that music has no boundaries. This has been a major factor that has allowed me to relish and create music in different languages." 

"Though the pandemic has disrupted our lives, it has revolutionized the music industry. The increased emphasis on digital platforms has opened up opportunities for musicians like me. I hope to continue sharing my music and create a better impact through my contributions."

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Interesting Facts

Ravi Viswa has a fulltime job. At least, that's what most who identify with the suit and tie version of him will know. Many more will suggest that Ravi is a born singer. The phenomenon that betwixt both is simply a matter of perception and where you heard of Ravi. 

So, there's Ravi, with a global responsibility employed at one of the world's largest technology companies. 

And there's Ravi, the velvet-voiced singer who first gained fame through his covers and songs posted on Smule and Facebook and then later went on to capture the hearts of his fans through his mellifluous croons.

The reality about the two layers we speak of is that Ravi considers his corporate role and singing career simply an extension of a singular purpose. Truth be told: none of these are a pastime or a second profession for him. 

From serving as a senior executive in global organizations such as IBM and Accenture to touring and performing across multiple countries and many cities,

Ravi Viswa has successfully balanced his passion with his core profession. 

Ravi says he's mastered the art of harmonizing his suit-boot role and his career as a singer. In fact, over time, he's grown to regard them as less separate sequences of his life and more a cohesive synchrony that is perfectly in tune with each other!

Award Winning

Super Voice Of India 2020

Ravi embarked on a musical odyssey after years of pursuing business life. Ravi, a
natural music aficionado, has won numerous honors and competed in contests
both in India and throughout the world.


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